Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oven and the likes

Hi everyone,

I am back today with another post. I don't promise to write in my blog everyday but I will do it as frequently as I possibly can.

Its amazing how good it felt when I was able to make a card after so long and that too for my sweet cousin who is pregnant. The idea floated in my head back when she put up in her BB (blackberry - just incase for those of you who doesn't know) status - "Bun in the Oven". I congratulated her and when I got back I thought since I will be meeting with my cousin why not give her the oven card to symbolise her status.

So I went about making the card and since it was my first try I had made quite a few mistakes so please excuse the imperfection.

Here below is the image of my card and thanks to iPhone apps I was able to manage to join all the three images together to create a collage. 

I used a beige plain card stock, button flowers, stickers and scraps. Well since my blog will not be pertaining to only cards I will avoid writing the list of materials I used but if any of you is interested you can let me know.

Also today since I was putting up the Bun in the oven card - I felt like making a vegetarian baked dish. So I did indeed and here it is.  Tadaaa !!!

Interested for the recipe ? Leave a comment or tweet me @creationsbymona and I will definitely share you the recipe. Don't forget to follow my blog and follow me on tweeter while you are here. 

Just for your information - I will be putting up a variety of topics, pictures, activities, tips and many more so that my blog gets to be a lil' interesting. What do you think like the idea ?

Stay tuned.


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