Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Busy Wednesday :) Baking anyone ?

Hello people,

Today will just be a quick post about what I did today. Got up early, dropped kids off to school and went shopping! You all must be thinking Gee which mall opens up so early for her to go shopping. Thankfully none ! I went shopping for my baking supplies. Oh yes ! It was indeed heavenly. Instead of just buying the few things on my list as usual I bought more than I needed and thought what list ? I never came here with a list.

So I will just show you in a glance of what I bought as I am preparing something special for the upcoming mother's day. Hence I will not be showing you all what all I am creating but once its up for orders of course you will get to see :)

So I am off now. Ready to bake another batch.
Anyone interested to order cookies do let me know. early bird orders welcome.


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